Russian Ballet Theatre's US Tour 2019 results.

Our 2019 tour was a great success. 

Partially because of our wonderful ballet troupe, our cast and crew, our choreographers, designers, and all living and breathing with the production. But we couldn't do it without our audience, so sincere and emotional. We had tears of gratitude on our eyes every time after the standing ovations you were giving us in every city we went to.


But there is more to it. Together, we made a significant impact.

For the 2019 US Tour, we partnered up with Plus 1, an amazing organization connecting acts with causes. 

$1 from each ticket sold was going towards fund school projects locally through - another wonderful organization that allows individuals and companies to donate directly to public school classroom projects. It has been given Charity Navigator's highest rating every year since 2005. Plus 1 and Donors Choose helped us find public school projects in every city we performed and allocate the funds. 


Here are the results:

164 funded projects

11,058 students helped nationally

138 school served

156 teachers supported


We have received hundreds of letters of gratitude from teachers all across the country:


"I want to thank everyone for caring about our children's education. It takes a village to raise our youth. It takes a lot to support of city students. Many face issues that other students don't even understand. As a teacher in our inner school, I truly appreciate your donations, and I look forward to seeing my students with a special gift.


With gratitude,

Mrs. Gonzalez

PS345 Patrolman Robert Bolden

Brooklyn, NY"


And we grateful for your support!

We did this together!


Thank you so much, our dear Patrons, and let's keep good deeds going!